When you come to sending your order there are a number of things the artist needs to know.

1. Style. Choose a style from the gallery or styles page, or leave it to the artist.
You can also specify wether you would like a glossy or matt finish paper. Most styles can be printed on either glossy or matt paper but some, such as watercolour are definitely more suited to a matt paper as the finish of a watercolour painting is almost always matt, but ultimately it's up to you.

2. Size. Decide on the size of the finished portrait you require.
Up to A4 size (8 x 10.5 ins),(20 x 27 cm).
Up to A3 size (11.5 x 15.5 ins),(29 x 39 cm).
Remember that if you are sending more than one photograph at the same time you will need to let the artist know which size and style to apply to each photo.
It may be a good idea to print a seperate order form for each portrait required.

3. Framing. Give an indication of the framing you would like if you do not require the entire photograph reproduced.
A good way to decide how you want your portrait framed is to cut two L-shaped pieces of paper and use them to make a movable frame. Once in the desired position they can be fixed with a small amount of tape. See below for example.

Any additional comments or preferences concerning styles, borders, colouring or anything else may be added on a seperate sheet of paper or on the back of the order form and will be taken into consideration and implemented if at all possible.

4. Finally enclose photograph\s and payment.

There is a button at the bottom of the page that will take you to an order form you can fill in and print out if you have a printer.

Introductory Offer
A4 - £25-00 each, £10-00 each additional copy.
A3 - £35-00 each, £15-00 each additional copy.
(Additional copies can be purchased at a later date as all portraits will be archived for a period of one year.)
If you require a replacement or blurred background please add £20-00 to your order.

Please add £2-50 for post & packing for A4 size and £3-50 for A3.
(Overseas, £3-50/A4 & £5-50/A3)
Note that if you order more than one portrait at the same time or extra copies there is no additional charge for postage. If you order A4 and A3 sizes at the same time the postage & packing payable is for the larger size, A3.
All cheques and money orders should be in pounds sterling
and made payable to;

Portrait Zone
and sent to;
Portrait Zone
208 Point Clear Road
CO16 8JD

All enquiries can be sent to

or by post to the above address.