Photographic Adjustments

The following images show various effects that can be achieved by altering colour balance, hue, brightness and contrast plus different filters.

"Karen Original Photograph"

"Karen No.1"

Here a canvas weave texture has been added to the photograph.
Click the image to view a close up.

"Karen No.2"

Here the contrast has been increased to give a more moody feel and an oval frame added.

"Karen No.3"

The original photograph has been lightened here to give a softer quality.

"Karen No.4"

The photograph has been lightened a stage further here to produce an even softer, dreamy image.

"Karen No.5"

The colour balance can be adjusted too. Here the colour has been altered to procuce a sepia tint portrait.

A sepia portrait will work well with almost all photographs. If your original has little or no colour, or you like the photograph but not the colours, you can have it changed to a sepia tint portrait. Even black and white photographs can be made into sepia prints.

"Karen No.6"

Here a paper texture has been added to the sepia image above .

"Karen No.7"

Once again we have the same sepia image but with a speckle filter added.

"Karen No.8"

The canvas weave effect has been used here again and a pink oval added. The surround could be in any colour required. The canvas texture has been applied to the entire image but could just as easily be used on just the photograph or the surrounding frame area.

"Karen No.9"

Here the photograph has been converted to a black & white print and the oval frame retained to produce a classical look.

"Karen No.10"

Finally, this photograph has been finished with the addition of a decorative border.
There are many styles of border available and many ways to combine them with the image. If you would like to see the borders available click the button below.